Support Group for Families with Kids on the Spectrum

images-2Our Family Support Group is starting up again on Saturday, 5/31. This is a support and social group for families with kids on the spectrum, ages 5-12.

While the group was on hold these past few months, we solicited feedback from our membership on preferred meeting days, times, locations, and format.  Based on your feedback, this group will now meet once a month on Saturday mornings (the last Saturday of every month) from 10:30am-12:00pm. We will have a fun activity for the kids at each meeting, while parents visit with each other in the same space for a concurrent parent support group meeting. Member feedback also indicates that meeting at a library is not ideal (primarily due to space and noise restrictions). Special Kids Special Families (SKSF) has graciously agreed to allow us to use their space at their Adult Services Facility at 3450 N. Nevada Ave. Thank you SKSF!

We look forward to starting up this group again, and hope you’ll join us on 5/31! For more information or to RSVP, please contact us.

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One comment on “Support Group for Families with Kids on the Spectrum
  1. AACAdmin says:

    We received a question from one of our community members about why the Family Support Group is targeted at families with kids ages 5-12.

    The decision to focus the Family Support Group on 5-12 year olds is not meant to be exclusionary. Families with younger children are welcome to attend, and have done so in the past. While we already offer a Teen Social (for ages 13-17), we’ve also had a few teens attend our Family Support Group in the past.

    We’ve found that while there are lots of support groups/play groups in our community for the 5 and under crowd, the support options dwindle once kids enter school. For families with preschool age kids there are at least 10 different play/support groups in Colorado Springs on Meetup (, plus there are 10 MOPS groups (, 4 MOMS Club groups ( and Mothers & More ( So there are at least 25 of these types of groups in our area. While these groups are not autism-specific, many families with kids on the spectrum participate and are able to connect with each other through these groups. Once kids enter school, they “age out” of these groups and play/support groups are replaced with extracurricular activities. While those activities are great, they’re missing the support element, which is what we aim to provide through this group.

    As mentioned, families with younger/older children are welcome to attend our Family Support Group. However, the activities will be focused on the 5-12 year old crowd. We also offer a Mom’s Night Out and Asperger’s Support Group which are open to parents of kids of all ages.

    If anyone is interested in starting up a support group for families with kids on the spectrum ages 5 and under, we’d be glad to help promote that group. Members are welcome to use our Facebook group (@ to connect with each other for impromptu get-togethers and play dates as well. In order to add such a group to our regular AAC support group offerings, we would need to identify committed volunteers to run the group each month before we could consider starting up the group.

    If there are additional questions, please let us know! 🙂

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