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A New Life and A New Journey

By D. Richards I knew that October day would forever be ingrained in my memory.  From the outset, I expected that I’d either be reassured that there was nothing to worry about, or I’d find my greatest fears confirmed. On

Monica Loves Designing Paper Made Clothes for Her Chipettes to Sing

by Gary Martinez This 9 year old girl loves YouTube videos today, wanna know why? Monica knows all the words to her favorite Chipette song “Wrecking Ball” and can sing to it. Jeanette is her favorite Chipette who wears purple

Our Story

by Lyz Bryant In light of Autism Awareness month and our recent run in with the skepticism by the current school over our son’s diagnosis, I feel it’s finally time that I share our story with the community here. If

The Good Thing About Autism

By Kristi Wagner, Parent Contributor I remember bringing home my first born son from the hospital. I was obsessed. Overwhelmed by the staggering responsibility of taking care of this little life. And overwhelmed by the perfect beauty of our precious

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What Should I Feed My Child?

By Becky Mccully We’ve been on the journey of feeling that our child is “different” from other kids for about one and a half years. He’s now seven. As we started reading up on autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing

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Birthday Letter to Daniel – Age 4

  By Emily H.E. Brown   Dear Daniel, Your birthday letter comes late this year. Your parents have been unreasonably busy. Your papa is in massage school and I am building a practice (moving to a new office) and learning

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Water Safety & Your Autistic Child

This week marks the beginning of swimming season, as outdoor pools across Colorado Springs opened on Memorial Day weekend.  Water safety, while a critical life skill for any child, is especially important for kids on the spectrum. Autistic children are

Autism and Trauma – New Film Featuring Stories of Autistic Adults

In discussions about autism, the stories and experiences of autistic adults are often overlooked. A new film, Autism and Trauma, aims to change that by bringing greater awareness to the issues faced by adults on the spectrum. The Autistic Global

Support Group for Families with Kids on the Spectrum

Our Family Support Group is starting up again on Saturday, 5/31. This is a support and social group for families with kids on the spectrum, ages 5-12. While the group was on hold these past few months, we solicited feedback from our

Join us for Story Time with the K9to5 Therapy Dogs!

Join us this Saturday, April 12 for a special story time with the K9to5 therapy dogs! When: Saturday, April 12, 1-4pm Where: Penrose Library (Children’s Room), 20 N. Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs Cost: FREE! We will have two highly trained and lovable therapy dogs