Autism Awareness – Raising the Bar

Autism_Awareness_RibbonApril is Autism Awareness Month, and World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2014.  All across the globe, families, individuals, and organizations will commemorate the day and month with events and activities to educate and raise awareness about autism.

While awareness is a good thing, we think it’s time to raise the bar.  Awareness can only take us so far. We can achieve even greater results when we set our sights on acceptance and action.  Autism & Asperger Connections’ goal is to create a community in Colorado Springs where autistic people of all ages are accepted, supported, and valued. Awareness is only the first step.

As you participate in, or perhaps organize, autism-focused activities this month, we invite you to join us in pushing beyond awareness to create meaningful change for the autistic community.  Together, we can make it happen!

If you’d like to become more actively involved in creating a supportive community for autistic individuals here in Colorado Springs, contact us about our volunteer opportunities.  We’d love to have your support!