Monica Loves Designing Paper Made Clothes for Her Chipettes to Sing

by Gary Martinez


This 9 year old girl loves YouTube videos today, wanna know why?

Monica knows all the words to her favorite Chipette song “Wrecking Ball” and can sing to it.

Jeanette is her favorite Chipette who wears purple clothes, glasses and is the lead singer.



Here are her Chipettes wearing the clothes Monica made them.  She has a treasure box with play gold & jewelry to mimic the video.

Everyday this piece makes her feel special in her sensory lifestyle.

See, three years ago Monica could not even sing a word, follow a beat or speak in clear sentences.


Monica was retained in kindergarten, (the previous school gave her no support) as the sped kids were a sore thumb in the back of the room and were not included in activities so in return she did not learn or progress.

Then a good thing happened.  Her mother moved. She started at a new school and what a game changer.


Monica’s current school has been the difference in her life from a principal who knows everyone by name to a staff who follows his example. We now get the necessary support we need and work as a team. Monica also got some low energy feedback treatment that opened up some non-active areas in the brain.

This combination with daily maintenance has turned Monica into a rock star who is a much happier little girl who is now in full day regular classroom but does get two 30 minute sped support action to make her day awesome!


Positive people make a positive difference, living life through Monica’s eyes to give her the best day every day is how it should be with our unique creative kiddos. Monica rocks!