Operation Happy Birthday Colin!

Want to make a difference in this young man’s life?

Autism & Asperger Connections (AAC) invites members and friends to join us in making Colin’s 11th birthday a very special one.

Colin is a young man who lives in Michigan. He does not have any friends at school and eats lunch alone. You may have read his story on Facebook or heard about it on the news (to read Colin’s story, click here). Colin is not on the autism spectrum but he does have a social disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Many people on the spectrum can probably identify with Colin and the loneliness that comes with having a social disability.

AAC invites those on the spectrum, friends, family, and AS friendly persons to join us on Saturday, 3/1 from 12:00-12:45pm at the East Library for Operation Happy Birthday Colin! You can drop off a birthday card/craft, or join us and make cards, crafts, write poems, or any other token of kindness to send to Colin. We want to let him know that there are people who understand, people who care about him, and that he’s not alone.

When: Saturday, 3/1 from 12:00-12:45pm

Where: East Library Community Room, 5550 North Union Blvd., Colorado Springs

Art supplies and light snacks will be provided to crafters and those that drop off items for Colin. AAC will package up all of the cards and gifts and we will send them to Colin for his birthday in March. Giving to those in need is healing. It reminds us we are not alone and draws us together as a community.

We hope you’ll join us!